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ProntoPro product team on workshop

Jehanne, Matteo and Claudia doing a workshop with our merchants.

What we do

The objective of the Product team is to achieve product-market fit. As we see it, there are -at least- two ways of explaining what product-market fit is, one conceptual and another one mathematical.

The conceptual point of view defines it as the distance between our product and the market, as illustrated in the following pyramid:

Lean product process

From 'The Lean Product Process' by Dan Olsen

On the other hand, we have our own set of Key Performance Indicators that we refer to as “the KPI Map”. This structure of KPIs is constantly evolving and it represents our own version of the AARRR framework.

How we work

We organize our work into Product Cycles and to do so we follow these basic principles:


We follow a scientific approach

This means we are not the owners of the truth, and we believe that in fact, nobody is. Everything we do is a bet that responds to a hypothesis. And in order to validate these hypotheses, we do experiments.

It is implied that by experimenting a lot we make mistakes and therefore learn in the process. This not only applies to the shape of our product but also to the processes we follow. We are constantly learning and improving.


We prioritize ruthlessly

Achieving product-market fit with limited resources is a tough job. In order to do so, we have to be as efficient as possible when deciding what to do next.

We do the things that create the most customer value first and are ruthless about the things that don’t create value. This means that we say ‘no’ very often and that we consciously leave some fires burning.


We are user-centered and data-informed

We are obsessed with our customers. Every decision we make has a component of both qualitative and quantitative information.

Therefore, we rely on our own research capabilities to get direct qualitative information, and to get quantitative information we work very closely with the BI team.

How we organize ourselves

In order to achieve product-market fit, we structured the three disciplines within the Product team in the following way:

Lean product process distribution

Product Management

Product Management is the discipline that takes care mainly of product planning and development. This includes responsibilities such as stakeholder management, backlog prioritization, market analysis, roadmap execution, and everything related to the product lifecycle.

Product Design

Product Design is the discipline that takes care of designing solutions for the most relevant problems of our users (both merchants and consumers).

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Product Research

Product Research is the discipline that takes care of understanding our customers and their needs. They are the voice of our customers.

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