at ProntoPro.

Phone call with a view

Phone call with a view

ProntoPro’s Culture

We are a fast-growing startup: 2 people in March 2015, now we are over 100.

We strive to minimize bull**** and maximize impact: average age is 29, because often the brain is more important than the experience.

We work in open space, because communication needs to happen quickly.

Everyone has very large responsibilities, because we don't have time to do any hand holding (and we think it's counterproductive).

We know diversity is key for growth:

  • We speak english
  • People is from all over the world
  • Interdisciplinary teams foster collaboration and sharing

Our 7 Principles

Impact, not tasks

We focus on results, not on tasks. We do what it takes, and we prioritize ruthlessly.

Growth Mindset

We constantly improve ourselves. We transform feedback into learnings that we immediately incorporate.

Disagree & commit

We have strong opinions and express them clearly, even if controversial or unpopular. Once the decision is made, we wholly commit.

Raise the bar

We articulate and demand excellence.

Change things

We take risks and challenge default approaches. We try new solutions and learn from the inevitable failures.

Go deep

We are data informed, but at the same time we start skeptical and always double-check data with anecdotes.

It's your Company

We own our customers: we care about their needs and act to keep their trust.

Come join us in Milan, Italy


We are based in Italy's capital of tech, finance and fashion.

Milan is one of the country's most multicultural and diverse cities, with the perfect rhythm that never gets too stressful.


Our office

ProntoPro HQ

We like to treat ourselves at the office with an awesome view of the city, free fruit available everyday, and a little public library to provide everyone with the right resources for personal growth.

COVID & Remote work policies

People Operations team is working hard to let everybody feel as safe as possible at ProntoPro.

Coming to the office is completely optional. Working from home is encouraged and everyone can decide their own schedule, up to 100% remote working.

In order to let people express and resolve their concerns, several online Q&A sessions are being held with infectious disease experts.

Feels exciting? Sounds like you?