at ProntoPro.

Eleonora, Product Designer at ProntoPro

Eleonora, Product Designer at ProntoPro

What we do

In ProntoPro’s Design Team we take our pride in delivering the best experience with a tidy, trustworthy and transparent Product.

The main responsibility of the Design team is to envision, create and test solutions to help our customers succeed.

We collaborate every day with Product Management & Product Research in discovering the most relevant customer experience problems, and finding new ways to solve them.

Designers in the team own their design process end-to-end, from framing & concept development to delivery & iteration.

How we work

We tackle pain points and envision Product’s evolution following 8-weeks cycles. Each cycle has different phases, and in each phase the Design team is delivering value following different processes and tools.

Design phases in our cycles

Design phases in our cycles

1. Discover

Each cycle starts with a Discovery phase in which we dive right into the problem or opportunity.

In this phase we collaborate with Researchers and Product Owners to organize workshops, carry out user interviews and collect data to better understand the topic.

In touch with our customers

In touch with our customers

2. Envision

Following the Discovery phase, we start envisioning solutions. Brainstorming is the main tool we use to dissect the problem, look at it from every angle and proceed into finding elegant and scalable solutions.

Brainstorming session with the Team

Brainstorming session with the Team

3. Build, validate, iterate

Once a solution has been identified and agreed on, we start building. The team delivers sketches, mockups or wireframes, depending on what is needed to validate our solutions with final users.

Once the solution have been validated, we dive into production tasks to come up with the final UI and copywiriting.

Constant collaboration developers and product owners ensures the final product is high quality, and delivered on time.

Creating UI Mockups

Creating UI Mockups

Our #1 rule

Everything we do needs to be user-centric.

This is why we have a #1 rule in place which, as simple as it gets, it’s the core of our approach: every feature needs to be tested and validated with real users before going live.

The best is yet to come

While we are busy building and evolving our Product, we are constantly raising our game.

The Design team is leading two big steps for ProntoPro: creating a new visual language for ProntoPro’s new brand, and building our Design System.

ProntoPro's new brand

We are currently implementing our new Re-Branding: we aim to become more straightforward and direct.

ProntoPro will be your Expert Friend, and our visual language will make sure its values are well communicated to our customers.

Building the new ProntoPro brandmark

A new Brandmark, Typeface and Palette are going to be released in the next months, and the Design team will be in charge of implementing them in the Product UI.

Excerpt from new Communication Guidelines

New Visual Identity elements

New Design System

While both the Product and the Design Team are growing, the need of a cohesive and coherent Design System is paramount.

This system will be the next step towards a modern, simple and efficient digital product.

Excerpt from the Design System - Typography

Our goal will be to deliver a coherent approach to UI and communication on all of our touchpoints, while staying on-brand and reflecting ProntoPro’s values of straightforwardness, trust and friendliness.

Building new elements in the Design System

New icons set

More and more projects will follow in the next months, as Branding Guidelines and Design Systems are alive projects that need to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing digital landscape.

Designers in the team will be constantly asked to learn new approaches, shift their views and challenge their ideas to keep pushing towards a better experience for our customers. Our job is never done.

Feels exciting? Sounds like you?